The calm before the storm has arrived. Well, after a hurricane of real life blew ashore I now stand in a lull. Real life is going to pick up again in utter chaos, guaranteed. Not being a religious person I still buy into the capitalistic view of Christmas. I love it. It is a busy time of year, but I love it all. Lights, presents, trees, cold weather, ect. Add the fact that my wife is having a baby with a projected due date of Christmas Day and we have all kinds of chaos that will soon be upon us. Despite that, I did manage to get some Wurm time in.

I started off looking for a place to deed. I knew I wanted to be up by my Bayside Brawlers friends on Exodus. I should have never left them in the first place. Moxie mentioned her old mining deed which was east of Avonlea Bay. The spot is on the side of a mountain and while not a piece of coastal property, it is pretty close to it.

Messing with the deed, a local logged on. He was extremely friendly and helped me out with some starter tools I was missing. When I resumed my account I didn’t even have a saw or a hatchet. Upon death I always received a set of starter tools yet when a mountain lion decided to make me his dinner, I spawned with only a couple tools. My assumption is that as long as your character has the starter tools in their possession or on their deed you will get them again when you die. Mine had been deeded over and likely decayed. Meaning I only have two starter tools left that are unique to my character. Anyway, the tools were a huge help.

He showed me around the area a bit and took me to the top of a mountain. It was absolutely gorgeous. I wanted to deed up there so badly but my gut told me not to. I would be too far away from an immediate water source. A well would have to be constructed but I would require help to get it started as I do not have a way of finding a water tile. Also the hauling of everything back and forth would be a real quick turn off when just starting out. Maybe one day I can go up there and build a place but for now I felt I needed something closer to resources. The spot down by the water had a road already built and a mine with iron already found. Clay is really close and tar isn’t that far off. The spot seemed too good to pass up. I did not want the road to be on my deed out of respect for the area. I would never block it, but I did not build it so it would not feel right to own it. My deed went right up next to the road with it in my perimeter. I had to make it a long and narrow deed which is fine. Had I expanded I would have owned a lot of rockface on the side of the mountain. I like an open spot out in front of the mountain by the water and I like a secluded spot behind the mountain. This just worked out perfectly.

Dragonskull was a great name but soiled by Celebration. I wanted to rebuild what was started down there though. Therefore “Dragon” was going to be in the name somewhere. After considering a few different options I decided on Dragonhaven. I will post later with pictures of the area.

Someone had already started a little flat spot by the road and I used that to plan out a small three by three inn. For now it is my command center but eventually it will be a small little resting spot for travelers. I plan to build more “my” stuff off the road a bit. Unlike last time, I’m not going to plan anything out. I had used WPlanner to map out the deed and precisely plan each tile out. This was tons of fun but when I started building stuff according to my plans it suddenly zapped all of the fun out of it. I felt like I would never be done the project. So this time around I might Map out the area and add to it as I install features.

The best part of Wurm is that I get out exactly what I put in. When chaos reigns supreme later this month I don’t have to worry about it. Sure, this time around I will keep my deed intact but if I only have an hour to play then so be it. I just don’t have it in me to let my games consume me anymore. I’m getting too old and have too much responsibility in real life to have the burden of themepark responsibilities. I do very much enjoy raiding but now is not the time. To raid is to take on a responsibility to “do your part” for the other nine or 24 people. I know I don’t have the time to commit to that. I wish I did, but I don’t and it will only get worse when the baby is here. Wurm doesn’t care about that though. I can only do as much as I want and get the same back out of it. Simply toiling away at leveling in WoW to still deny myself of raiding snuffs out the fire of desire pretty quickly. Therefore it is likely that small projects in Wurm will be what I do for a while.


One thought on “Dragonhaven

  1. I’m glad you’re back to blogging & really glad you’re back with the Brawlers!! I hear ya on the issues with theme park games. I’ve been playing WoW again lately and while I enjoy knocking out a few quests or doing little fluff things, I have no desire to jump on the gear treadmill again or to lock myself into feeling like I have to play every night to keep up. Wurm on the other hand you can play as needed, and as long as you keep your deed upkeep going, you’re good to go. The worst that might happen is some crops withering or animals dying, but those can be easily replaced.

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